Division of Legal Studies

The Division of Legal Studies is staffed with experienced professors with years of experience in both the legal profession and criminal justice. Our professors represent a cross section of the numerous components (i.e., prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, law enforcement, corrections, judiciary, parole, etc.) that comprise the legal and criminal justice systems. The Paralegal and Criminal Justice are exciting professions with loads of responsibility and accountability.
We live in a continually changing society with a constant demand for the paralegal and criminal justice professionals. In recognition of these never ending changes and demands of our multi-cultural society, the Division of Legal Studies is geared towards preparing students beyond acceptance into an entry level program, to a lifelong professional contribution to the Paralegal and of Criminal Justice fields.

The Division of Legal Studies takes student education beyond the walls of traditional academia settings into the realms of paralegal and criminal justice practitioners in society. Students are afforded an opportunity to see real practitioners in action. Paralegal and Criminal Justice professional practitioners are often faced with the challenge of making life, 死亡, and liberty decisions in a fraction of a second. They must be professionals at all times. We provide a wholesome all around paralegal and criminal justice education that prepares a student for immediate employment in any of the numerous agencies that comprise the legal and criminal justice systems. 因此, we work with students to ensure that when they accept their first paralegal or criminal justice position that they are more than ready to face and conquer the challenges accompanied with being a professional paralegal or criminal justice practitioner.

Currently, 老虎机十大信誉平台 is not accepting new applications for enrollment!